Rent Portable Sanitation with Vacuum Flush

Take Your Event to the Next Level and Prepare for Disaster Season! Event season is here, shortly followed by disaster season, NOW is the time to think about how to evolve the portable restroom experience for your customers and team. Our offered Vacuum Technology will help you do just that. Its quick-deploy system allows just a couple of operators to set up a full event in a few hours. In addition, monitoring capabilities are built-in for PROs with the APP that allows for pinpointing issues.

Toilet Module The sleek, clean design of the Toilet Module with its flushing technology gives the end-user that at-home experience. The two-tone interior walls help to keep a clean restroom appearance, while the smooth wall texture allow operators to wash away dirt and grim easily.
Urinal Module The Urinal Module is the perfect solution for large events. It provides quick line pacing for men, and its unique automatic flushing technology keeps the trough clean and fresh with minimal  
Washbasin Module The Washbasin is equipped with eight taps, four on each side, and a full-width stainless steel mirror women will love. It has integrated soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and waste baskets on each side to complete its streamlined look and assure a full day of service.
Shower Module The Modular shower system is ideal for humanitarian aid, festivals, military camps, and temporary events, where portable restrooms and sanitation equipment are most needed. It’s available in two and three-unit modules depending on your needs.

Pump Vacuum units can be configured with a variety of pumps to accommodate any event size. The Rover is great for small events, such as small campgrounds, the Nomad System for mid-sized events, and the Vacuum Tech Module for large-scale events. All pump systems can be combined together for your unique situation.
    The collapsible galvanized steel-frame modules are designed for efficient transportation and easy setup, making them a cost-effective option for event organizers. The efficient vacuum system provides a like-home flushing experience that customers will love while using 90% less water to remove solid waste and carrying it up to 600 feet away. Professionals can transport 23 modules on one flatbed, that’s 78 toilets!   Beautiful to look at, quick to deploy, and easy to transport, with an enhanced user experience, the future of portable sanitation uses.        

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